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Posted on October 7, 2013

Once you have a business website the next thing you want is lots of traffic. You may watch your Google Analytics day by day to see how many people are visiting your site and what percentage are making contact or buying. It is the digital era so if you expect to be getting as many web enquiries as phone enquiries – you have to do the work in order to raise your profile online to have it stand out against your competitors.

The fastest way to build traffic and inbound links to your website is by content creation. An easy way to create and publish content is by blogging. HubSpot research shows that the more a company blogs, the more new customers it attracts. They also found volume of posts is important – once you get past 20 posts, your traffic starts to rise in proportion.

Always remember blogging is not about direct selling it is about indirect selling by establishing yourself as an expert. You must show potential customers or clients that you are not simply a salesman but an authority and your content should therefore not be promotional, but be informative. Always keep the customer or client base in the front of your mind.

You would most likely already be looking through industry magazines and news and therefore you will know what sort of things are being talked about most. What you can do is join the conversation and write about a similar topic – but with your own views and advice. Perhaps write how-to guides or even interview an industry leader or post views on recent legislation changes.

Once you have created and published content you want to spread that content so share them across your social media channels and add ‘share buttons’ on each of your articles so that others may share them on for you.

Note that blogging need not be formal. Develop your own style and tone based on how you would speak to a customer on the phone. Be correct, but be yourself as blogging is about having a likeable personality to inspire and engage the customer or client.

Blogging should be part of your online marketing strategy as a weekly or at least fornightly task. Not only does it then become great for building a presence and gaining new customers or clients, it also ensures you are staying up-to-date on your own industry and have a library of information to back up your knowledge.

As an additional thought – your social media channels are also a form of content creation called micro-blogging so use these to give out short information whilst publishing the articles once in a while. Furthermore, blogging does not always have to be with the written word – if your expertise is better shown through photos and videos, there are plenty of photo and video publishing platforms you may want to consider instead. We have listed some great free platforms below which you may integrate into your website and feed through as a news feed to your homepage no matter what the idea. So get started today watch your web traffic improve.

As an SEO tip we recommend creating a Google+ profile with a business page and linking your stories to this account to verify yourself as an author, to help people discover your content and to find high quality content throughout the web. Click here to read more.

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