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LinkedIn is good for business

Posted on July 31, 2013

If you are a B2B company – LinkedIn is the social media platform for you. It will increase your brand awareness and enhance lead generation whilst also gaining you a resource of valuable information and feedback.

43% of marketers have found a customer on LinkedIn – HubSpot.

LinkedIn is a business networking platform that is growing at a rate of approximately 2 members a second. But it’s not just the volume of potential leads on LinkedIn that is compelling, it is the quality of them. In a recent study by HubSpot, it was found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74% which is almost three times higher than both Twitter (0.69%) and Facebook (0.77%).

Brand awareness

Import your contacts to find all your current contacts online (on LinkedIn) and connect with them. Over time you will make new connections on LinkedIn so regularly export your contacts out to keep an up to date copy of your contact database.

Create your own personal profile as your own online CV, but also create a company page which lets you have a few extra features. Use visual content as much as possible as LinkedIn now lets you use images and videos within your profile.

Post useful updates from your business page and share it via your personal page to get maximum exposure and encourage followers. You should create your own personal identity as an expert as well as a reputation for your company.

Join groups relevant to your industry and target audience – share your updates there with prompt to invite feedback or a discussion. Get involved in other discussions – ask or answer questions and give advice.

Leverage recommendations because 83% of people say reviews impact their decisions – we know its true so get endorsed to boost your personal or business reputation. Recommendations can also be utlised as quotes on your website with links to the recommender’s LinkedIn profile to qualify its validity.

Target your posts by utilising the targeted audience menu on the posting box which lets you target by company size, industry, function, seniority and geography. It will even show you how many people your selection will include.

Sponsor your business page updates and used LinkedIn ads with which you can pay to reach more targeted audiences within the entire LinkedIn network.

Lead generation

Use the advanced search facility to find connections by name, company, university, job title or geographical location, read their profile properly and send a little note to them about why you would like to connect with them with reference to content on their profile.

Make it easy for people to search for you by using keywords in your title tagline and profile.

Check who has viewed your profile daily as this is a great source of hot leads – they will have looked at your profile for a reason.

Participate in discussions and seek to answer questions relevant to your expertise. This can help you gain awareness and if you know what you are talking about and really help people, you will gain a new connection not only from them, but others that will see your advice.

Analyse reach and interactions with your posts using LinkedIn analytics which appear under every post. Look where you are getting the most success and use similar type of activity to increase engagement on every post.

Resource and feedback

Spend time reading LinkedIn news which lets you filter the updates you want to see by category – share or comment on news that raise interest relevant to your industry, but also your personal life – you are a normal human after all and people like to do business with people who have shared interests. This may also give you a topic reference to tie into your next company update.

Follow influencers that inspire you and gain an insight into their experiences and knowledge, especially if their business is relevant to your business.

People are creating valuable content and sharing it on LinkedIn every day – look out for content that may help you with your business output, your marketing, or help you engage your target audience better. Take time to read other’s opinions on subjects that effect your industry as this is great feedback to tailor how you market your business or handle objections.

Hopefully this will give you a basic guideline – let us know how you are getting on with LinkedIn and if you have any queries or are looking to try LinkedIn for the first time, contact

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