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Posted on July 21, 2015

Get more from your Google Analytics reporting simply by setting it up strategically…

Once you get to grips with the way analytics works and view your reports regularly, you will start to gain valuable insights which can help you with ongoing improvements to your website and your online/offline marketing campaigns to gain better return on investment.

Below are five incredibly valuable features you should definitely be using if you are serious about improving your business.


Filter out visits from fixed IP so that analytics doesn’t count visits from within your (and your web company’s) organisation


If your landing page has plenty of info and call-to-actions it may be normal for it to have a high bounce rate.

Distinguish a true bounce by the time a visitor spends on the page by adjusting the bounce setting to only count bounces below a certain dwell time

Click to view how to adjust the bounce rate

View results straight on the dashboard


If your website includes a search facility you can check how people use it and gain clarity on popular searches.

Track what visitors are searching, what page from and how long they searched for by identifying the query parameter q or s in the property view settings

Click to view how to set up site search parameters

View results in Behaviour > Site Search


If your website gives people information via a range of media, you can check which gets the most usage and also measure lead generation.

Track downloads, video plays, clicks to your social media icons or contact form, phone/email call-to-actions by adding an additional piece of code into your Google analytics naming the action you are tracking.

Click to view how to set up event tracking

View results in Behaviour > Events

You can also use these EVENTS to define GOALS and test what position in the layout of your website gives you better results.


Google Analytics by standard does not truly understand where your link referrals are coming from when it comes to email or social link sharing, but if you put the below in place you can then view clear data all in one place.

Track the success of your email marketing campaigns and social media shares by creating a campaign category related trackable URL using Google’s URL builder

Click to view how to set up campaign tracking

You can also shorten the URL using a URL shortener or your very own short vanity URL – create and track this using

View results in Acquisition > Campaigns

For more detail and to ensure you get the best out of your analytics, please contact Reach Digital by emailing or telephoning 0116 2335565

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