Best wishes and a bittersweet farewell

Best wishes and a bittersweet farewell

Posted on August 31, 2016

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

Despite the carefree sentiment suggested in The Sound of Music, in real life a colleagues’ departure can elicit mixed feelings. We at Reach often stay for the long haul (with several staff members having been here over a decade), so it’s always sad to see one of our own leave even when we’re super excited about their new opportunity.

It’s with a mixture of sadness, pride and no small amount of bittersweet nostalgia therefore, that we say farewell to our Account Manager, Lucy Bloomfield as she leaves Reach for pastures new, joining performing arts organisation, Lemon Jelly, as their new Marketing and Sales Director and general wonder-woman.

As a member of the team for over thirteen years, handling small to large-scale projects on behalf of a number of clients across commercial and residential property as well as professional services and the arts sectors, Lucy has been a staple part in Reach’s growth and success as a marketing communications agency.

Good luck Lucy! We’ll miss you.

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