A fun way to develop your team

Posted on September 22, 2015

We have brought to life, a team development tool created by our client Greengage Consulting who are specialists in developing high performance leaders, teams and organisations.

When Greengage came to us with an idea and a name, we set to work creating a beautiful brand  which we rolled out into print material. The core of the service is a pack of branded playing cards with an educational twist. Each card contains a positive and a negative character trait. The user is to go through these and keep the five that most relate to them whilst discarding the those that don’t, making for an interesting and engaging way to get them to think and be self-aware.

The five cards kept sum up the person’s approach to work and leadership style, enabling organisation leaders to understand their staff and build successful teams that combine complimentary sets of strengths and weaknesses.

The website is now live and features a fun and animated overview video, a high quality promotional video and online registration (data capture) to play the game online. The user can also save and print their StrongSuits results to share with their manager and team.

StrongSuits workshops are also available, so take a look through the website to learn more about this engaging service and play the game to learn what your dominant character trait is, in the work place.


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