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Posted on December 4, 2013

This week we launched a new design and print project with a few bonus digital touches!

Get your printed or digital copy of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2014 Brochure and read below.

The comedy festival has been a client of ours from their very beginning, so year on year for nearly 20 years, we have been involved in all sorts of brand, print and digital marketing activity that appears around Leicester and beyond.

We have created campaigns, advertisements, posters and exhibition material dotted around the city centre as well as online marketing activity and involvement in the organisation and branding of events.

As you can imagine, working with a humorous organisation gives us an open door to unleash a bit of creativity, so along with a new season theme we develop each year (which is applied to a new festival brochure and outdoor advertising), this year we decided to use a little bit of extra technology to make things more interesting.

The technology we have incorporated for the 2014 marketing of the comedy festival is called Augmented Reality which basically lets you view things that are not physically there. Therefore, for our first public project, we have teamed up with our partners Aurasma to produce areas inside their new 2014 brochure that will allow you to view some bonus videos and imagery – just by pointing your smart phone at it.

With a simple app download, you will be able to access bonus content anywhere you see the Aurasma logo throughout the 2014 brochure and on selected outdoor campaign posters.

Features in the comedy festival 2014 brochure include alternative covers and a four movies all of which can also be shared across social media.

The possibilities of augmented reality are far and wide so if you are interested in using this technology in your sales or marketing projects, have a chat with us and we’ll go through some additional examples.





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